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Product Specifications
A Complete Solar Water Heating System 
​will need:
➤ the CVT collector array(s)
➤ mounting frame(s)
➤ a storage tank
➤ a heat exchanger
✖ a differential controller
✖ a circulation pump for each thermal loop
✖ check and charge valves
✖ a relief valve
✖ instrumentation to monitor system
➤ an expansion tank
➤ an air purge valve
➤ piping as necessary
to connect the components
➤ Hi-temp insulation of all piping
•Heat pipe condenser: 24 mm X 50 mm
• Efficiency: +95%  
• Length: 1980 mm (77.9”)  
• Width: 1.65M (65.25”)
• Manifold Height: 170 mm (6.6”)  
• Gross Area 20 tube: 3.07 M2 (33.1 sq ft)
• Gross Area 30 tube: 4.605 M2 (49.65 sq ft)
• Net Aperture 20 tube: 2.01 M2 (21.64 sq ft)
• Net Aperture 30 tube: 3.015 M2 (32.46 sq ft)  
• Manifold Fluid Capacity: 1,300 ml (44 oz) to 1800 ml (64.34 oz)
• Flow Rate: 1 - 3.5 gal/ min.
• Pressure Rating: 85 psi max working  
• Aperture Efficiency: +75%  
 • Power, Watts per 20 tube: 1,024 W (3,493 Btu/h)*at STC = 1,000 W/m2 insolation,
Ti - Ta= 10 deg C
• Power, Watts per 30 tube: 1536 W (5239.5 Btu/h)*at STC = 1,000 W/m2 insolation,
Ti - Ta= 10 deg C
Specifications of our Coaxial Vacuum Tube collector
Key: ✖ = items included in unit pump package (see below)
Below is a Pump Package that controls and monitors the heating system.
It can be wall mounted near the water storage tank.

  • 1Filling and flushing connecters
  • 2Operation screen
  • 3Pump speed selection
  • 4WILO pump
  • 5Expansion tank connecter
  • 6Flow rate and temperature display
  • 7Pressure Gauge
  • 8Manual vent
  • 9Relief valve
  • 10Mounting point
  • 11Warm flow connector
  • 12Return flow connector
24 mm condenser on heat pipe, pulled out a little for ease of insertion into manifold socket.

Compression fittings can be added to manifold end or soldered or clamp to high temp hose.
Inside a triple sputtered vacuum tube.
This graphic shows the basic simple solar heating set up.

This type system has a space heating addition and requires a dual coil tank and another differential control unit.
Solar Pool Heating
This is basic. Pool should also be insulated.

Most permanent pools contain high volumes of water.

Even though the temperature rise wanted is not as great as in a domestic water system, it may still require a lot of collectors, depending on what increase of temperature is wanted and if the pool is indoors or out.

A basic ratio may be one CV tube per 40 gallons of water.

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