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Solar Heat Collection for Home, Business, Institution
The purpose of At the Bridge ~ Practical Solar is to inform and educate people of the possibilities and benefits of solar heated water & to provide the best products.

Consider the practical nature of solar water heating.

What are your water heating costs now?
Your investment in Solar Energy will pay you back this                        amount, plus future energy cost increases,                         from installation onward.
Each 20 tube collector provides over 1 KW, each 30 tube provides over 1.5 KW of water heating power on a sunny day regardless of the outdoor temperature. The glass tube collectors are extremely durable once installed. The stainless steel frames are light weight and strong. Installation is straight forward and adaptable to many situations.
The greatest gain for your investment dollar is in water heating directly from the sun, and now with the most advanced solar collector and control package for the money!

We have units for the D.I.Y. or complete systems of any size in the midwest.
180º in solar loop
- 5º ambient temp this day
Solar water heating makes sense for the homeowner. It makes even more sense for any profit making business ~ by greatly lessening the cost of your process hot water! Common sense tells us that a business that has lower input costs is more profitable.  Plus a “green” business has customer appeal.

Less wind resistance and roof weight than other arcane devices make the Coaxial Vacuum Tube collector the overall best choice for home or commercial water heating equipment.  Now, consider that energy prices will have little effect on your costs for hot water again - ever!
We must find new energy sources, that's a given.
Stored sunshine in the form of fossil fuels is running low and
never was a great idea from an environmental viewpoint. There are many large corporations getting on the bandwagon, more of photovoltaic and wind energy as well as concentrated solar energy being offered as alternatives to our burning of petroleum, gas, and coal for energy. These are ways of constraining energy sources for profit making companies. 
If you understand the resource squandering, parasitic nature of capitalism
       when resources are abundant, you will see the un-sustainability of this scenario,                and how it maintains a depleting political circle of perpetuation. 

       There is another way to lay off the bulk of our energy use in northern latitudes,                and that is through the use of solar thermal collection on a home or business level 
that is done independently of the fuel supply or electrical grid. 
Imagine heating your water for home or business as well as heating 
your home itself without energy costs.
Just a small (electrical or PV) pump is required to circulate a fluid such as glycol and water through the system and, shazam!  Free energy using current sunshine. No pollution, 
and much lower costs, and insulation from future cost increases.  

Using current sunshine will replenish the earth in many ways. The way our biosphere has evolved says that only organisms that use current sunshine, with only a few exceptions (parasites), get to survive. The human species is not among the exceptions. But you will not see government funded organizations offering funding and grants for this on a scale that will make a significant change. Why? 
Because there are no profit centered conglomerates involved in it's manufacture. 
No mega profits equals no huge political money contributions coming from it.

Just small manufacturers, installers and sellers doing what makes sense.

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